Alissa spoke at our Network Day and helped facilitate our Lead group. She was well prepared, engaging, and shared new material our advisors had not heard before. Her presentation was creative and memorable. Her tactics are being used and helping our advisors with their mental road blocks. I would recommend her for any group looking to build realistic ways to help with mindset and grow production.

— Jessica Salazar
I just wanted to send you a personal note of thanks for all you have done to help my practice grow these past few years. We have seen significant growth in our assets, revenue, and team. With all this change came new challenges for me as a leader and having you as a sounding board was so very helpful.
— Matt Heckmann
Meeting Alissa has been one of the best blessings of my life. She not only has helped me jump my practice to over a million in premium, but more importantly I am a perennial Forum member. She has played a pivotal role in how I manage my staff, my relationships, and how I relate with my clients. When working with Alissa, be prepared for change...because it will happen.
— Karl Dettmann
Alissa Gauger will coach you on how to be more efficient with your time, thoughts, feelings, energy which will allow you the producer to generate more revenue. My coaching investment allows me to live a balanced life while also becoming one of the top 20 advisors in the country. When you decide to take this risk she will transform you personally and professionally! Keep breaking boundaries. See you at the top!
— Al Schor
I have worked with Alissa Gauger for almost 2 years. I was drawn to her based on the positive things I had heard from other reps who worked with her, so I reached out, and I was not disappointed! From our first call, I was immediately struck by her insightfulness. Alissa has such a creative way of framing situations, enabling me to see things differently and to go “deeper” into an issue that may be holding me back. She was also extremely valuable in helping me envision a bigger future. She is very gifted in that regard. Her questioning usually led me to form my own conclusions about whatever was the topic or issue of the day. I think this approach makes the learning gained from the call “stick”, since we collaborated on the issues at hand as opposed to me just taking notes and her advice. I would highly recommend her. She is a “pro’s pro”, very talented, and has a heart for coaching—she wants her clients to achieve what’s important to them. I would be happy to discuss my experiences in working with Alissa with anyone who would like to discuss the topic.
— Al Waldrop
Working with Alissa was an integral part of our team’s success during the year. Alissa was able to drill down with me to keep a healthy perspective and stay committed to important tactical and big picture goals. She always gave me a healthy and accurate perspective to operate from, which in turn fostered personal and professional growth. I am convinced her work with me was instrumental in reaching FORUM this past awards year.
— Dan Schiffman
Alissa has immensely impacted me through our sessions and given so much perspective in our conversations. Thank you Alissa for taking the time to listen, show empathy, and guide me through exploring my thoughts and emotions. You are truly a remarkable coach!
— Joey Winkle
It was invaluable to work with Alissa and have her take me through my Kolbe. It gave me great insight into why I do what I do and who I am best working with. Alissa has helped so many of our FRs overcome their fear of prospecting and phoning. She gives feedback that is straight to the point and allows for immediate implementation.
— Matt Lueder
Alissa never stopped believing in my ability to meet my goals and encouraged me to keep going over the line towards the end! She’s been so impactful in helping me redirect my focus to bring more efficiency to my time and my practice. Within a few months of us working together, I was able to achieve new client bonus, write over 100 lives, and MDRT. Since working with Alissa, my production has increased 60%. I have learned that coaching helps me achieve what is there all along but is just in my blind spot. Alissa has a natural ability to diagnose an issue and propose a solution, while motivating the individual to achieve at their best. She’s been a blessing in so many ways both personally, as well as professionally. I’m looking forward to another breakthrough year, can’t wait!
— Justin Wong Won
I appreciate working with Alissa because of her out of box thought, her focus on the whole person, the risk she takes on our calls, and ultimately that she walks along side of me through challenging leadership and life decisions.
— Phil Bender
A great coach should get you to think bigger, support you, and make sure that you follow through on commitments to get you to your goals. Alissa’s coaching encompasses all of these things. Her style of coaching has helped me both personally and with my business. A couple of examples of this are that we’ve worked on being more productive with less hours worked throughout the week to do things I love doing. I have increased my production by more than 100% over the last year and my investment production by 311% through working with Alissa.
— Mark Leong
Working with Alissa has been pivotal for my personal and professional growth. I started working with her in the fall of 2015. When I met her, I told her I would do anything she told me. Her response, “Meet with me once per week until you’re ready to meet once every other week, then once every three weeks.” I increased my line of credit, doubled down on coaching and made the investment. My revenue in 2016 doubled from 2015. Early this year I decided to courageously relocate my practice 1200 miles to a place I knew nobody. In the midst of the move, Alissa kept my head in the game and I was able to finish the awards year with best year ever and so far I’m on track to have my best calendar year ever. I view my relationship with her as a partnership. Partnering with her has been the best financial decision I’ve ever made. If I could give advice to anybody who is on the fence, or who is one foot in and one foot out on coaching, I would tell them to have the faith that investing in themselves is the best investment they’ll ever make. We’re in the business of risk and return. Investing in a partnership with Alissa is a low risk, high return investment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
— Joey Meehan
Alissa has helped me understand and leverage my strengths which allowed me to focus on increasing my productivity and be more effective. Since beginning coaching in 2015, both my premium and lives production has doubled! My business/practice is functioning based on the 3 circles (my business, person’s business, and God’s business); something that I had a hard time with before by taking things personal. She also helped my associate and I understand each other’s work styles so that we can maximize our effectiveness as a team. Working with Alissa has helped me to qualify for Lives Leaders’ Summit as well as focus on the big picture. Looking forward, I now know it’s possible to balance a high activity practice and also take time to stop and smell the roses. I have high aspirations to meet more goals, discover more about myself, and develop more great ideas in the coming year.
— John Chrysadakis
Working with Alissa has had a huge impact on my life personally, and professionally. In the time we’ve worked together, my revenue has increased 150%. She helps me see things through a different lens, which allows me to be a much better financial advisor and person. Alissa is one of the most sincere and thoughtful people I have ever met and I am very fortunate that I was introduced to her.
— Theo Kuczarski
The Kolbe helped transform our team! In the beginning it was hard for us to communicate effectively with each other because we are all different types of people. After Alissa had us take the Kolbe, and after she spent time with us as a group to explain how each of our team member is hard wired, the light bulb went off. We all had that ‘ah ha’ moment that day and finally understood each other, how each person works, how they communicate, and best of all…how we can all communicate in each other’s styles in order to become such a great group of teammates instead of co-workers.
— Amber Radloff
Alissa has helped me get my business back on the exciting journey it once was on. My energy, passion, and enthusiasm are at the highest levels they’ve ever been. Alissa does a phenomenal job of uncovering your limiting beliefs which are holding your practice down from the next level. Everyone in my office can tell that my energy is a complete 180 degrees from where it was 3 months ago. In the month of February I closed half of the meetings I opened. Alissa has brought back the urgency to my business I was missing. Coaching with Alissa was the best business decision I ever made.
— Brian Carlson
I have already seen an increase in my Made to Kept ratio from 49% to 80% since participating in an Unleash Your Practice program!
— Jess Carlson
With Alissa’s guidance, I was able to break down mental barriers that were preventing me from reaching my full potential.
— Tim Diminico
The mental development of a financial representative is an evolutionary process. Every rep starts with several layers of blindness that make it difficult for them to clearly see the path to success. Alissa will help you to systematically peel the layers away, clear your vision and accelerate your path to success.
— Jim Teteak
Alissa helped me communicate authentically with clients and set profitable, healthy boundaries.
— Chris Welton
Commenting about how much revenue is protected with good staff is trumped by how much your personal life improves when you have the correct support in place thanks to the AFR Group Coaching Program. Respectful communication, self-empowerment to see tasks through 100% on a person’s own, and respect for one another have never been so prevalent with team members in my practice after participating in this program. I am glad I did this as early as I did. This has already paid huge dividends in my practice, and many more will come as every existing and new team member that I hire will partake in this program. One of the most valuable pieces of coaching that Alissa has helped with is working with my team individually through the AFR program.
— Matt Blocki
I’ve worked with a number of coaches over the years – each very good at identifying the areas where I struggle in my professional and personal life. Many have given me great advice and sound bites to help me direct my growth. None, however, have been as impactful as Alissa. She has a unique gift for quickly understanding an individual at their core and helping them understand the real “why’s” and how to leverage their true inner strength to thrive in their own skin. We each have these powerful qualities that are often unknown to us and even perceived as weakness at times. She has changed so much of how I act and react and most importantly how I use my mind. She offers concise, actionable tasks to keep us on our path. Alissa has become someone I trust implicitly and confide in. A true friend.
— Hugo Alves
Working with Unleash Your Practice, and Alissa specifically, has had such a real impact on my business and my life. I was encouraged by a mentor of mine to take the leap of faith and hire a coach when I had only been full time for one month. It would have been so easy to tell myself that I’m too young to pay for coaching and I’ll wait until I’m making more money, am more stable, etc. (aka have a scarcity mentality). Unleash Your Practice helped me become the first converting intern to ever hit MDRT in their first contract year in my GA’s history. There is no way I would have done it without the intentional work on myself and my practice. Now instead of just trying to survive, we are working on how to THRIVE. Alissa has helped me think through different staffing decisions and we are now working to take my practice to the Summit level. There’s so much to work on still, but I know I wouldn’t be here without the coaching. Thank you Alissa & UYP.
— Sam Simones
What I value most about my coaching with Alissa is that she is a fantastic listener. She has a natural talent to hear what I’m saying; then she can help me to pinpoint some of the root issues of what are going on. Though some of her techniques are a little out of the norm for me; I always find great value in the work that we do.
— Randy Hall
Thank you so much for your help and thoughtful ideas over these last few months. I get such a feeling of relief after speaking with you and I really appreciate you always going the extra mile. You provide so much value. You’re a wonderful example to all of us.
— Clark Bixler
Alissa is a mind ninja. She will bring out the best in you. Every call I had with her [in the FR Group Coaching Program], I got better. I’m a better advisor because of Alissa Gauger.
— Cody Matthews
Alissa was, and continues to be, immensely valuable as we build a high performing team that works in harmony. She is able to spot areas for improvement and brings an impressive breadth of tactics and insights to bear in tackling them head on. She has been of tremendous value to me personally, as well as professionally, and has been integral in creating the best team dynamic my practice has ever experienced.
— Justin Charise
I have had an amazing experience with Alissa! She has helped me think big, run a more efficient practice (allowing me to spend time doing more of the things I enjoy in life), and overcome the mental hurdles holding us all back from accomplishing our ideal future. Money and time well spent working with Alissa and I am excited to see where her coaching takes me, my practice, and my personal life!
— Conner Gehring
Alissa has been such a huge help to me since we began working together a little over a year ago. She has revolutionized my business and my thought process towards everything I do on a daily basis. She brings to my attention something that will better my practice every time we talk and practical steps in how to implement new strategies and procedures. My favorite thing about Alissa is not business related though, it’s that I truly feel that she wants what’s best for me in all aspects of my life and is always able to help me with whatever I need. She has become not only a friend, but one of my most trusted advisors. Thank you Alissa for all that you do and if anyone is interested in teaming with Alissa I highly recommend that you do. If will be a life changing decision.
— Blake Butler
Alissa has been a tremendous resource to my practice. She has been involved in all facets—everything from the mental side (thinking bigger and belief system) to the procedural/operational side (language development, staff efficiencies, hiring , etc.). She is the first coach I’ve worked with that has been well versed in both. Alissa meets you where you are and is willing to help in any way she can. I highly recommend Alissa and her team to all advisors whether you are at Forum or just hit p40. Alissa is able to adeptly work with advisors that are more analytical and methodical as well as the opposite—all in a supportive and productive way.
— Jay Bell
I’ve been working with Alissa for about 6 months, and this has been the most transformative 6 months of my career. I have a greater understanding of how I am wired, and how to work in my own style. Alissa does not try to make you a cookie cutter mold of some ideal rep, she really helps you to be your own self. Also, and maybe more importantly, I’m having more fun in my practice than ever before.
— Ray Lee
Alissa has transformed my practice and my life. Her intention statement is what I read every. Single. Day. That keeps me motivated even on the days that staying in bed feels so much better than dialing. She transformed my brain into analyzing where my fear and hesitation comes from and tackling it head on. Most coaches are only about pushing the numbers at you and not actually diving deeper into why you are not doing the consistent activity that you should be. She is also so much fun to talk to and really cares about her clients. She is all around an amazing coach and I’m the lucky one to have met her and have her in my life.
— Ashley Horne
I have had the pleasure of working with Alissa for the past several years. During that time, Alissa has helped me as much on a personal level as well as business. I have struggled for years with perceived confrontation and owning how the other person reacted to what I said. Working with Alissa has taught me how to stop suppressing my own feelings and be open with what I feel is right. My client relationships have improved through more courageous conversations. It has amazed me how Alissa makes me feel so much more at ease and see the greater me.
— Pat Cummings
In my time working with Alissa, she has truly helped me reframe some deep rooted beliefs that have allowed me to perform at a much higher and happier level. She doesn’t just deal with a topic or strategy of the day, she helps sort through my thinking in both positive and negative states of mind in order to clear those mental obstacles that can limit my growth.
— Derek Tamm
Alissa helps me with my mentality about what we do for people. She’s helped with getting my thoughts centered and getting my head in the right place, so that when I’m pursuing or meeting with clients I am laid back and confident. It’s a lot more psychological stuff and less business planning, but it’s really helping me feel confident approaching and making recommendations to high net worth people. I would attribute a lot of my success early on this year to her coaching. We’ve even dabbled in communication with my wife and how to be better with her.
— Jim LaPinska
I would say I’ve seen a huge change in self-confidence and in focus. Also, I’ve noticed that Jess spends more time focused on analyzing/understanding the other person in every interaction she has, which is critical to success in this business in selling or recruiting/coaching!
— Jeff Byrn
Simply put, being coached by Alissa has changed my life. She helps me be in tune with my authentic self and tap into my innate power and abilities. With her as my partner I am thinking bigger and more creatively. In addition to making me mentally stronger, her experiences in marketing and as a business owner push me to a new level and make me a better business person. I have seen the impacts not only in my practice, but in my personal life as well. I am currently off to my best start of the year, and feel that I am just getting warmed up. Personally, I feel myself being more authentic in my relationships and living with more fulfillment and purpose.
— Jorge Casariego
Alissa’s coaching has been hands down the best investment in myself and my business I’ve made in my 5 years at Northwestern Mutual. Through her coaching, I’ve been able to learn to control the self-defeating thoughts and worries that have held me back from hitting my big goals. In addition to helping me drastically increase my production, she has helped me become a better advisor, boss, team member, and husband. I am so grateful for her impact in my life.
— Cameron Kolb
Working with Alissa has impacted all areas of my life…not just my business. She has helped me view both my personal and business relationships in a totally new light. This new perspective has helped me to stop focusing on the areas of my life that I cannot control and focus on the things I can. By better understanding myself and the way in which I operate I have started to realize my true potential as a business owner, advisor, husband and father. Achieving Forum is just the beginning of where her coaching will take my personal and professional life…Thank You Alissa!
— Charlie Dunn
I enrolled my AFR in the group coaching program and saw the benefit pretty quickly. John had more tools and confidence to lead himself and became a better problem-solver. He seemed happier and more able to manage stress in a healthy way. It was a way for me to invest in him to show him how much I appreciate him and the work he does. I’ve never come across another program for developing my team. This is a great one that I’d recommend to anyone looking to promote partnership and improved teamwork.
— Jake Cohn
My team and I have been working with Alissa for about two and a half months, beginning in April of 2015. She has helped tremendously in breaking down communication barriers and in revitalizing my vision for my practice. We produced more, with less effort, in April and May of 2015 than in any other two month period in my 12 year career and achieved Forum for the second time in the process! You can’t afford NOT to work with her. Thanks Alissa!
— Russell Stehling
If you are looking to being equipped with tools to help you with the mental side of this business, Alissa is your person! She does an excellent job of helping you identify your inner struggles but more importantly, giving you the tools on how to walk yourself off that mental ledge. She is extremely knowledgeable about our company, processes, and clientele which makes it a natural fit as a coach.
— Andrea Smallwood
Coaching in general, I think, it’s amazing, and the work I’ve been able to engage in with coaching. When you ask questions in the right arena, certain layers just sort of evolve, or un-evolve, if you will. So if you are thinking about getting a coach or working with Alissa or any of the team that works with her, I highly recommend it. It takes you to places in your mind and quite frankly, your heart, and so much where we live is stuck somewhere right in the middle. She really helps you just be so honest with yourself that it’s undeniable to be able to grow. I highly recommend it.
— Joanna Burish
After our call yesterday I literally felt 10 pounds lighter. I planned on staying off the phone yesterday but instead I made some dials and set 5 new appointments. Best day on the phone I’ve had in a while. Thank you.
— Joey Meehan
You won’t understand the true impact Alissa can have on you as a coach until you give her the opportunity to help you. I find my conversations with Alissa to be relevant to my practice and personal life, thought provoking, and strategic. Each conversation provides me with clear next steps to improve myself and/or my practice.
— Mark Savino
Coaching has been something that’s been life changing from my personal perspective. I’ve always believed in the power of coaching and the power that your mind has on day to day activities, your practice and home. A fun fact that I took away from coaching with Alissa was all the negative thoughts that come in our mind everyday and finding ways and tools at your disposal to block that negative energy. Coaching has also provided a blueprint to where I want to lead my practice and it’s provided me with, for a lack of a better term, a safety net in terms of having the resources, the support system and having someone that’s been there who’s coached the top producers in our practice, kind of guide me. Starting from day one to where I’m at now, I’ve hit really huge benchmarks just working with Alissa, the first one being MDRT and that was in the matter of 3 months. My next goal is Forum. The second half of the year working with Alissa, I’ve doubled my production, she’s helped me hire staff and helped me personally get through my self-limiting beliefs. That’s been impactful in a huge way. I think right now I’m just a walking ball of energy. I would say you’re ready when you’re ready and you just got to take that leap of faith; just know that you’re not in it alone and there’s a huge support system behind you. Your job is to seek it and find it and it’s part of that energy in the universe that you have to seek but it’s there. When you’re ready, it’s ready to help you.
— Justin Wong Won
I have been coached by Alissa since April of 2015 and she has helped tremendously in both my business and personal life. There were certain ways that I dealt with things and I knew I needed a new way to think about things; however, I couldn’t figure out how to accomplish that. During my individual sessions with Alissa and attending the AFR Group Coaching Program, I learned new ways to look at my relationships along with the challenges that I faced. Alissa guided me to think about myself and how to become “my authentic self” in every aspect of my life. In addition, I have expanded my library and continue to learn how to be true to myself and how to be who I want to be when I grow up. She has taught me to use my energy in a positive manner and how to think things through before I react. Thank you Alissa! I truly believe that the right things happen at the right time – for me it was meeting you and putting the pieces together.
— Mindy Lopez
Working with Alissa the past year and a half has shaped who I am personally and professionally. This job is not easy, and it takes a lot out of you sometimes. During the AFR Group Coaching Program Alissa taught me that even though having a job takes a lot out of you mentally, that it’s something you can control and manage. I am very proud to put so much of my time and energy into my career, and I can say that Alissa has absolutely helped me to improve my mentality and sanity when it comes to working in such a demanding/high paced work environment. Without Alissa I may have gone crazy by now! But for my boss’ sake, and my own, that is not the case!
— Maggie Fantaski
Before working with Alissa, I was at the mercy of this business, assuming my seat on the roller coaster, hoping it would get me where I want to go. Through regular coaching with her, she’s helped me understand how to be the best me, and believe in myself. Now I am in the driver’s seat deciding where I want to go, and am taking along not just customers, but great clients who are advocates for the work that I do.
— Andy Puhrmann
I have had the pleasure of working with Alissa for about six months now. Alissa has had a HUGE impact on my life personally and professionally. My personal production is up significantly, our office production is up significantly, and my personal life has improved dramatically. Alissa cares so much about the people that she coaches and takes a vested interest in their personal growth, professional growth, and overall happiness. I would recommend for everyone to consider working with her!
— Danny Babitz
The time I spend with Alissa was incredibly valuable on several levels. I grew both personally and professionally through rich conversations that were both insightful and practical. Specifically, she was helpful in helping me address prospecting fears; through conversations with Alissa I saw my referrals grow by 25% on average.
— David McIntosh
Working with Alissa on a regular basis each month has made a huge impact in my practice! Initially, I was hesitant to begin working with a coach, thinking it would not be worth the time or money. However, after beginning to implement Alissa’s suggestions in my practice, I watched my production nearly double last year! Without hesitation, I strongly recommend connecting with Alissa, and letting her help you become the advisor you know you can be.

— Rob Dowdle
Working with Alissa has truly been life-altering. Gaining the understanding of how our professional and personal lives are intertwined has allowed me to focus my energy and remain positive through the storms of the business. I will be forever grateful to Alissa for challenging me to stop and ask “What am I feeling right now?”.
— Andrew King
My FR and I approach our practice as a team. With Alissa’s help, we have been able to identify, understand, and best utilize each of our individual strengths and weaknesses as we move towards a Forum level practice. Understanding how we best work together and how to add appropriate team members is certainly invaluable and has led to a very centered, thoughtful interaction during what can often be described as a whirlwind of activities.
— Kim Henry
Until I started working with Alissa I never connected work with fun. Alissa has given me an entire new outlook on my business; as a result I have built stronger relationships with new and existing clients and my premium per life has increased considerably. Alissa has helped me eliminate unnecessary worry and stress, she has reconnected me with my vision and purpose and she has helped me build fun into my daily routine of running a business. Alissa has significantly impacted my personal, professional and financial life in a short six months.
— Patrick Jarvis
Alissa has not only been a great coach, but she has become a great friend as well. My background placed a lot of obstacles in my path that I had no idea were affecting my business to such a large degree. I couldn’t figure out why I was struggling so much. It took a little while for Alissa’s coaching to help clear those obstacles out of my path, but the work we have done together has not only improved my business, it has dramatically impacted my life in every area.
— David McNeilly
Alissa made a critical impact on my mindset before I even paid her for a coaching session. During our introductory meeting she addressed a mental block I was having around prospecting and walked through steps I could take to correct the issue. An hour later in my next meeting, I was able to get six referrals from my client with the change in mindset Alissa had helped create. This after not actively prospecting or being at all effective for about two months! I appreciate understanding the “why” behind behaviors and Alissa is great at getting to the root of these issues.
— Jonathan Motter
I was super hesitant and very anxious about the AFR hiring process. All of my previous associates had fallen into my lap, so the thought of sourcing my next team member was very, very overwhelming. I used Alissa’s tools and had a lot of conversations with Alissa throughout the process. This was HUGELY impactful. I was able to find the RIGHT person for the position and she has had an immediate impact on my practice. Giving the candidates written/phoning tests was the most impactful part of the process. It was very revealing and allowed me to make a decision based on the candidates ability, rather than what he/she told me was their ability.
— Theo Kuczarski
Alissa’s coaching really helped me understand and appreciate who I really am as an advisor. Having confidence in my uniqueness has allowed me ask for better referrals and ask more of my clients.
— Braden Binkley
Alissa has been essential and instrumental in my personal growth and has enhanced my communication with our team. She greatly helps me to align my individual goals with the overarching ambitions of our practice. She has been and continues to be an invaluable resource and coach.
— Daniel E. Paige