Are you ready to dig deep and get to the root of what’s holding you back from getting you and your practice to the next level? Break through your own thresholds and receive feedback and powerful coaching.

For two full days, you and up to seven other financial advisors will experience a life-changing and truly transformative experience working with horses led by Certified Equus and Life Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA, along with her team. The on-site experience in rural Wisconsin involves bringing the power of life coaching and feedback from horses together. Horses can be our four-footed teachers and serve as a “mirror” to help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you are perceived by others. You will receive careful instruction on safety and technique, as well as coaching throughout the activities which are all conducted on the ground. There is a saying: “the way we do anything is the way we do everything.” By applying this principle, learn first how to lead yourself using insight gained from the invaluable, unbiased information horses show you. Second, find out and practice how to use your newfound wisdom to lead others with methods of true leadership that really work. Learn about how leadership works in the equine setting and practice what you’re learning so that you return to your life with practical, real-world tools that you can apply immediately.  The program also features Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) instruction to provide a stress management tool that can be used for a lifetime.