The Unleash Your Practice equus retreat will allow you to uncover blind-spots in yourself and your practice. This type of work is helpful for your whole team. Nonverbal communication can mean more than the words you communicate. This isn’t only an investment in yourself but more so an investment in your practice and the relationships you cultivate.
— Andrea Williams
You think you know yourself so well and all of these little things show up that would probably take years of coaching to figure out. It’s like putting something in the microwave.
— Dave Dettmann
Don’t hesitate to book this trip. It’s the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business this year.
— Joey Meehan
There is nothing like it. We often times try to find solutions by look outside of ourselves or pointing a finger. This retreat allows you to recognize YOU are in control of your life- personally & professionally and internally & externally. Now I am a lot more intentional and deliberate with my thoughts and actions.
— Carl-Henry Sajous
This retreat helped me in establishing boundaries between business and personal matters. It has also empowered me to control these boundaries moving forward. This empowerment has helped me increase revenue, become very intentional with my time and energy, and most importantly experience continued gratitude and joy in my business and personal life.
— Matt Blocki
The retreat is a life changing experience. You will get out of it whatever you were needing. It gives you tools that you can take back to your practice and your life. You may not find all your answers in these two days, but this is where the journey starts.
— Jorge Casariego
The Unleash Your Practice retreat was the best personal/professional growth experience I have ever had. I think I have learned more about myself in three days with Alissa and her team, than I have in my lifetime. I called my boyfriend on my way home from the program and he could immediately tell that something had changed. I am now super confident, have intention with my process, will be successful by just being me, and so much more. No matter your stage in the business, I would highly recommend This program to help you bring your business from good to first class.
— Jess Carlson
Going through the Unleash Your Practice retreat was an experience I have been waiting for my whole life without even consciously knowing it until I learned about it at Annual Meeting this year. 2013 has been an difficult year. Between January and May, I endured $115k of premium reversals. In April, I lost a staff member of 3 years when she went through a miscarriage and left the practice. All along, I was learning how to support my fiancé as she was diagnosed with kidney disease. Needless to say, my outlook on life was being tested. To say the least, I was letting my “lizard” run my life without even knowing who my lizard was. Through this retreat, I got to know my lizard (the fight or flight response) and was given simple tools and strategies to let go and be my authentic self in my practice. From tension relief exercises, to working with horses, to learning about soft power, we accomplished more in three days than most do in a week at Fastrack. I was able to learn more about myself and my study group members than I learned in years of Clientbuilder, study group calls, etc. It forced me to look in the mirror and see who I had become while operating from a place of fear. The ability to take time out of my practice to work on myself was an investment worth making. In just a week back into my practice, I’m receiving compliments from associates and joint work partners noticing a change in my demeanor. My anxiety levels have decreased and I feel equipped with tools to continue to achieve more with less effort. I feel more in touch with my body and am able to wake up with more energy and maintain a sense of calm throughout my day. The Unleash Your Practice retreat has given me a renewed sense of purpose and confidence as we close out the calendar year and enter planning season for 2014. I am truly excited to see what results come as the year closes and know that both my practice and my clients are getting to see the real Chase. Better than this, I feel like I can truly be present outside of work with my fiancé rather than worrying about my business away from the office.
— Chase Chaldekas
The retreat here is basically, there’s no lying about what is in front of you. Not that I came trying to deny anything; I came very open. But, if you get too much in your head, your body will tell you where you are succeeding and where you have opportunities for growth, and this was an absolute mirror of the good and the bad. If you are trying different things and things are just not working and you are kind of stuck, I think this is a wonderful opportunity to connect with these beautiful creatures and the team and see some things that maybe you are not paying attention to.
— Joanna Burish
The retreat the past few days have been extremely transformative; absolutely life changing. Hearing about this retreat for the past two years, I was seeking validation behind the psychology in what we do and our energy. I think my favorite part had to be working with the horses and having that belief reaffirmed through a 1,200 pound animal. It was super exciting and I’m super excited to bring all this knowledge I have now and implement bit back into my practice. Getting to know Alissa and her staff, the other great advisors around the country; I felt at home. Being from New York City and coming out to Wisconsin, I had some reservations coming in, and it ended up working out. The knowledge that you get from having an objective perspective and people around you, supporting you, changes your entire mindset. Definitely, worth the trip; I would come back! I’m so excited to implement what I’ve learned out here with Alissa and her team and bring it back to my team—and hit Forum!
— Justin Wong Won
It only took me 2 months into this business for me to see I was struggling in some key areas. Phoning, prospecting, running efficient meetings, and stress definitely needed to be worked on. In terms of production I’ve had a great start but I couldn’t lie to myself and think I would be able to keep that level of production going without some help. So one afternoon I was wasting time on various social media sites looking for people to call instead of actually calling them when a testimonial from “Unleash Your PracticeTM” popped up. I still to this day don’t know how it ended up there, maybe God sending me a hint, but I am so thankful it did. After one 30 minute conversation with Alissa about the areas I was struggling with and a lot of prayer I decided to invest in my practice like any true business owner would. Why would a new rep need this type of training? I’m a career changer and after spending nearly 10 years being an expert in an entirely different field it was a real struggle for me to be my genuine self after going through training and learning from so many great reps. New reps are given a lot of information from others in the industry and it can cause us to act like someone else to make the “system” work. We all process information and take action differently. So it’s important to know how to make the “system” work FOR us and not the other way around. I can tell you first hand that spending the weekend Alissa, her staff, and 6 highly accomplished reps could not have been a better decision. The tools I learned to run my schedule, attract the right clients to my practice, and manage stress are worth way more than the cost of the program. I learned so much about myself and how to be the authentic “President of my company” that I’ve already received the return on my initial investment. My first day back phoning I easily set appointments, had almost every voicemail returned, and was even given referrals over the phone. I can’t wait to see what the future brings as my practice continues to grow with me.
— Erik Kasabuske
I was taught a unique set of skills that will definitely help me overcome problems in my business.
— Mike Markert
Alissa has opened up a a new way of living for me. She helped me understand how to authentically be me, and be comfortable and confident in that. I feel better about myself, with less stress, anxiety and self defeating thinking. I am excited to see the exponential effect of their coaching. A big thanks to Alissa. I could recommend her to anyone willing to become a better you.
— Elliot Risbrudt
I have been struggling with certain aspects of my business. At certain times I was questioning myself and if I can be successful in this career. After the program I am more in touch with myself, my confidence level is up and my enthusiasm is back. I realize that the only way I can be successful is by being me. They were able to give me tools and exercises to work on my inner self. Traditional methods do not work for me because I am not traditional. To anyone who is struggling, I would encourage you to invest in yourself and ask for help. After all, you are worth it.
— Heidi Rose
This program helped me to realize where I was letting a system get in my own way. I now know how to be more aware of myself and my habits that have inhibited me from achieving my own potential.
— Brad James
After two of my Reps went through the program I noticed that they were happier, more confident, doing joint work together and were overall writing more business. It’s been a few months now and the changes are lasting. I am sending more of my Reps because I see the results.
— Matt Krueger
Prior to attending the Unleash program I had a habit of living off power bars during the day. I knew that this was not the healthiest of lifestyles, but it was what fit my busy schedule. To me, I felt I was running on high energy each and every day until I attended the Unleash program. For three days we ate nutritious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We supplemented these meals with healthy snacks and lots of water/coconut water/Gatorade. The energy and focus level I experienced was far above my norm. The importance of nourishing my body was never a priority for me. It’s now my first priority.
— Ryan Goldman