Achieve Your 2014 Goals One Ridiculously Easy Step at a Time

By Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Welcome 2014! As a fresh new year begins, how are you implementing your annual business plan? Does it feel actionable? Ridiculously easy?

Many Financial Representatives have plans to achieve MDRT, a certain number of lives, premium or maybe even Forum. As this goal stares you in the face, what do you do with it? Do any of these reactions sound familiar: you tuck it away in stack of papers, start worrying, or reflect on why you didn’t get there the last awards year?

The human mind tends to spend time in the future (worrying, planning, even feeling afraid) and the past (regretting and replaying). Without an active attempt not to do this, it is really very normal for this to happen. So then how do you achieve future goals? The answer lies in the present moment. Without this critical step your plan will be just that…a plan.

Once you have a sound business plan that you really want to implement, bring it to life by breaking each goal down to the smallest, most ridiculously easy unit. The unit of right now. For example: Take your goal for first quarter premium and divide it by the number of business days you will be able to impact it (subtract admin time, days off, holidays, etc.). $100,000 / 49 days (64 days -13 admin days when hours added up - 2 days out of the business = 49 total days) = $2,041 premium written each day. Next, translate this into the number of dials it will take every day (or every hour) for you to set the number of meetings you need each week to hit this goal. How many referrals do you need each day (or each meeting)? Quantify every single part of the machine that adds up to this output. All you have is this moment, today. Focus each day on achieving your daily mini goals. These tiny steps are what add up to become the ultimate outcomes.

Activities that you do that may be “good" but do not align with your goals actually work against the goal. Reorganizing your desk while you avoid dialing may feel like a “good” activity but does it point straight at your goal? Stay focused on achieving the specific, small daily actions only.

Naturally, your brain will wander off each day and think all kinds of unhelpful thoughts. Keep returning to the present by asking yourself such questions as:

“Whose business am I in?” (If it’s not yours, then come on back!)

“What am I feeling right now?" (The act of asking this brings you back to the present moment.)

"What are my five senses detecting?" (You must be in the present to use your senses.)

Once you are back in the present, return to your next possible action. What can you do this very moment to impact your dreams?