How Will You Bring Your Goals to Life?

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

Do you find yourself setting many goals this time of year? The New Year gives a feeling of a fresh start to a new year with new results. What will you change to bring about these results?

Thinking about, and writing down, the goals you want to achieve is a great start. But don’t stop there. Goal setting is only the beginning. If you want to have results different from last year, what are the specific actions, behaviors and beliefs that you will change to make it happen?

Here are some questions to get you started:

1)What are some of your self defeating beliefs that you never seem to shake?

Examples: “I am not good at prospecting.” “People judge me when I prospect.” “I can’t phone.” If you continue to hold beliefs like these (and others) then they will shape your actions and outcomes. Try challenging them. Ask yourself if the belief is true. If it’s not, turn it around to the opposite. Then, find three pieces of evidence that prove it’s not true. Just because you have a thought doesn’t make it true!

2)What are the bad habits you need to break?

Is your practice up and down like a roller coaster? Do you phone for a days at a time and then stop for weeks at a time? Are you afraid to ever take a break unless you’re really sick or it’s Christmas Day? Take a look at the habits you have that are not serving you. Take small, incremental steps over time for lasting change. Reward yourself for positive actions.

3)What will you do differently every single day to make it happen?

How badly do you want better results? What could you commit to doing every single day because it’s that worth it to you? How about setting two new Fact Finders a day, really making prospecting happen at least twice a day? Working with nominators to warm up QSs (try it—it will change your life)? Asking for help more often?

4)How will you remember and act on your goals?

Setting annual goals is an exciting exercise. But how do you bring them to life? First, break them down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. Now find a way to anchor in to them every single day. It could be a visual reminder, a text or email you send to yourself, a reminder from your mentor, AFR or other invested colleague, or putting mini goals into action by planning them out on your calendar and telling people about them. Find what works for you.

5)Why will this year be different?

It’s one thing to say “This year I will achieve MDRT!” and another to do it. Why do you care this time? Dig deep inside yourself and really get to the heart of this question. What will keep you going when it gets hard (and it will), you feel tired, when you’re overwhelmed, feeling hurt or losing heart? Write it down now while you’re feeling the energy and passion of what you most want. Revisit your Why as often as it helps!

Here’s to a healthy and prosperous 2015!