What Do You and Your Practice Really Stand For?

by Certified Life Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

In the flurry of setting up your practice, did you ever stop to think about what your values are?

In a nutshell, the company values of Northwestern Mutual are:

- Doing what’s right

- Putting people first

- Providing financial strength

- Taking a long-term view

As a business owner with Northwestern Mutual, you likely align with the company, but what about you as a person? How do you want to show up in the world? What do you want to stand for? What are the values you would never compromise? Taking the time to write out your personal values is a powerful exercise. And it’s vulnerable! Some people may not agree with your stance or be aligned with you. Some people may have different priorities. Are you willing to really be seen in the world?

Take the time to write down your values and notice what happens for you, for your team and for your clients! Notice the powerful draw you create when you put your flag in the sand. People who are attracted to your values and share them will seek you out.

I will go first with our company. This is who we are.

Unleash Your Practice Company Values

You, the client, are the ultimate expert on yourself and your practice. Your coach will partner with you by showing up with the knowledge of the business and Northwestern Mutual and the coaching tools to help you uncover your own authenticity and wisdom.

We are committed to exclusively working with Northwestern Mutual. We are engaged in the culture and events. We are clients of Northwestern Mutual ourselves.

Coaching might be uncomfortable sometimes, but your willingness to go through this discomfort makes growth possible.

Our coaching is not expensive listening. It is our responsibility to challenge you and your thinking.

We will not put work on you. In fact, over time we hope to lift things off you. We are happy to send bonus materials and resources if you would find that helpful. “Coaching homework” must feel inspired by you, the client, or it is just more work for you to do. Let us know how we can best support your journey.

We are willing to coach to our edge even if it means we risk losing a client, because we always put the client first.

Confidentiality is sacred to us. It is an honor to have a coaching relationship with you. It is built on mutual trust.

Once a client is ready to announce a goal such as Forum, Lives Leaders Summit, MDRT, etc, we care as much as you do.

We cannot care more than our clients do about making changes, but we care just as much. A successful coaching partnership is just that—a partnership!

We are there for the happy times and the hard times. We are available to our clients between sessions. We will celebrate your wins!

We are committed to continuously learning and growing ourselves as professional certified coaches—just as you do for your own practice.

We will do our best to support your individuality by providing a unique, customized experience.

We stand for a new, different and exciting way to run your life and practice. No grind.

We will teach you to hold yourself accountable which we believe is the ultimate motivation.

Our life coaching approach is compassionate and positive. We never use fear as a tool and help our clients find other ways to motivate themselves.

We will help you find the root causes of what is holding you back in your practice and in your life. We partner with you to create lasting change.

We believe the most effective Financial Representative is the real person inside each client—the authentic self. We will help you find that part of yourself and learn how to show up as yourself in your practice and in the world.

If you would like to find your own voice, we will help you to craft your own “language” that feels authentic to you and is highly effective for phoning, prospecting, fact finding, closing and more.

We understand the One Card System and respectfully believe it represents a statistical average. We help our clients to outperform the Granum Model.

Our coaching stands for itself, pays for itself and delivers Return on Investment. We do not ask you to sign any contracts. We only ask that if you choose to work with us you are ready and want to be coached!

We live it to give it. Our company supports and nourishes the growth and happiness of every team member. We rest and play. We are passionate about the impact we are making in the world.

Coaching Tip Making your values public is an act of courage. There is the risk of disagreement, of people not wanting to align with you and of feeling vulnerable. Begin with small steps. Write your values privately. Next, show someone you trust for feedback. Share it with your team, mentor or Managing Director. Finally, post it on your website or make a client document to share. Declaring who you are and what you stand for can help to draw the very people to you who will benefit most from what you do!