What Happened to Your Motivation?

by Certified Coach Alissa Gauger, MBA

“Why can’t I dial like I used to?” you keep asking yourself. “What is wrong with me? I just can’t bring myself to do it.” You once phoned like a machine, and now you can’t.

If this scenario sounds familiar, you are not alone. Often it can be explained and addressed with a deeper understanding of human motivation.

For example, in the very early days of your practice you probably had very legitimate survival concerns. Paying your rent, buying groceries and pulling off your new wardrobe lit a nice little fire under you. You likely had a strong drive to produce just to fulfill your basic needs. 

After you established yourself and had a little cash flow, you likely found a new kind of motivation: carrot and stick. You learned quickly that dialing and other activities led to positive feedback in RACE, approval from your mentor, awards and doing well in contests. Not dialing and doing the other activities of your business led to negative feedback in RACE, disapproval from your mentor, not winning awards, not getting paid, your contract in jeopardy, etc. All of these external forces can, for a time, drive you toward the good activities while simultaneously discouraging you from ignoring them.

Most Financial Representatives only find this motivation coming from outside themselves to work for so long. You stop taking the extrinsic motivation as seriously. Your energy flags and you can no longer find the fire. If you find yourself in this place, you are completely normal. The next step in the process is finding intrinsic motivation…your Why.

In the modern business world, the people who report having a deep sense of internal drive have anchored into a broader, deeper purpose. If you lack your Why, it may be that you just haven’t asked yourself what it is during all of the flurry of establishing your financial practice. Here is how you can find your own.

What is your Why?

1) Reflect on your best moments in the business. Where have you experienced the most joy and satisfaction?

2) If you left the business, what would you most miss the most?

3) If you like helping people, why is that and with what do you like to help them?

4) Why were you attracted to the business?

5) Do you have any client emails, voicemails or other feedback that makes you feel good? Revisit it and ask yourself why those messages touched you.

6) How does a successful practice help you and the people you love?

Write a few sentences about your deeper purpose for running a practice drawing from your answers and post your Why statement where you will see it every day. Re-read your statement frequently to stoke up the fire in your belly. Read it at the beginning of your day and before you do your phoning or other activities.

While it’s true you don’t dial like you used to, maybe that’s a good thing. What if you find a new way to dial that doesn’t feel robotic? You might set more with fewer dials, all while feeling better. Your pilot light is flickering…it’s time to stoke up the flames and enjoy the satisfaction that only internal drive delivers.